Thursday, August 13, 2009

Da plane, da plane!

August 13, 2009

Received a call from the Saudi embassy in Washington this morning: they are having my plane ticket -- undoubtedly an e-ticket -- issued and will be sending my passport back to me shortly.

Apparently the plane-change from United to Saudia at Dulles will be only an hour so they're advising that I'll have to hustle to make the flight.

In other news, my tennis friends are planning a going-away party for the end of August...or maybe it's a good-riddance party.

This group has been getting together for tennis every Monday night for at least 8 years and there have been only a couple nights per year that we failed to play. We've played in the 110-degree heat of summer and the 55-degree coolness of winter, wearing parkas and gloves. We've had ski trips, hiking adventures, wilderness campouts, holiday parties, Super Bowl parties, dances, bike hikes, BBQs, art walks, movie outings, outdoor concerts, TV-night dinners, water volleyball and group trips to Mexico.

Participants come and go; the group remains.

(pic above from 2003, I'm 3rd from left in white ball cap)

*The title of this piece, for non-American readers, is a famous catchphrase from the 1978-1984 TV show, "Fantasy Island." The character "Tatoo" opened the show each episode by ringing a bell and calling out "Da plane! Da plane!"

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