Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bon Voyage and coconut shells

August 18, 2009

Anticipating passport/visa material in the mail today.

I'm getting a bon voyage party in a couple weeks. I've sent out a wish list of books and videos to my friends, partly to forestall receiving a well-meaning slew of gag gifts that would simply be confiscated at customs in Riyadh.

In return, I've decided to make an open offer for friends to come and loot my house (still to be rented) of any item that is not nailed down or otherwise needed by whoever rents the joint. The deal is they can have use of the item for a year at which point I either return to reclaim it or, if I'm holed up in a hostage camp, they get to keep it.

Some of the items include:
  • golf clubs
  • bikes
  • stuffed gorilla
  • 35mm camera
  • tripod
  • coconut shell bra
The coconut shell item was spoken for quickly, as one can well imagine.

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