Saturday, April 10, 2010

A good day to wear my polo shirt

Although 9:30 a.m. on a Friday (like Sunday to the Western world) is a bit early for most Riyadhites (Riyadhians?) to be up and at 'em, I reckoned that an amateur coed polo match is too good an idea to pass up just for the sake of a few extra Z's.

The match was to be held on the spare driving range of the Riyadh Golf Club just north of town and I managed to hitch a ride with a friend in exchange for navigating.

Along the way we were treated to a camel brigade and my friend was gracious enough to allow me to jump out to capture the moment.

It's a pretty good deal. For a mere 100 riyals (about $27 US) you get admission to the polo match, a lovely clubhouse brunch, complimentary Red Bull drinks courtesy of one of the sponsors and professional DJ music between chukkers.

We were advised to bring our own folding chairs -- though one couple actually carted out matching wicker chairs -- and sun shielding devices but about half of us enjoyed the match from the comfort of the covered tee boxes.

Overall rating: Rahther!

(all photos by the author except shot of yours truly...hint: not the person with a parasol)



  1. Polo in Riyadh and with mixed-gender audience. Never thought this would happen in my lifetime....

    Is there such a thing as Camel Polo?

  2. Seriously? Were they Saudi women? Or just expats?

  3. Expats...although the riders were mixed, including both expats and Saudi men. The crowd was quite festively dressed I must say.

  4. Shades of Pretty Woman!

  5. I hardly ever shop on Rodeo Drive. In fact I'm not even sure I'm allowed on Olaya Street in the light of day...especially the chocolate shops after that little incident with the truffles.

  6. Gee, Jim - You are certainly having the opportunity to experience much more of how fun life can be here than I am!!! I'm glad ONE of us is having fun. My situation is SO different from yours! 8(
    Love the camel shots too!

  7. Susie: Thanks for the encouragement, but you seem to get around quite a bit as it is and your pictures and commentaries are always enlightening. Plus, you get to see what goes on at the women's side of a wedding party! I wonder if your blog will ever break that story out...with pictures?

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