Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Snow time like the present

For a school kid growing up in the snowbelt of the USA, there's just no day as beautiful as a snow day--at least before the days of universal Internet access allowed teachers to send in work via e-mail.

First, you got a day off from school without the unpleasant side effects of being ill, pretending to be ill or just missing the school bus.

Next, the fact that the weather is too dire to keep you from traveling to school doesn't mean you can't go out and play in the snow. Or stay in and watch TV. Or read.

Plus you got an extra day to continue to neglect the homework you neglected the previous night.

It's basically a free day that simply falls from the sky.

So how come Riyadh kids don't get the day off for a Dust Day?

Sandstorm images were taken March 19, 2010 in Al Malaz district of Riyadh.
Top set -- looking north; bottom set -- looking west toward King Abdulaziz Rd.
All photos by the author.


  1. I've noticed an alarming trend that when I go camping in the desert there is a dust storm. I have been camping the last 2 weekends, thus far making my hypothesis 100% accurate. :)

    I don't intend to go camping for about a month as I'll be taking vacation, so Riyadh should be dust-free for a while.

    Lets see how long my theory remains correct... :)

  2. They really should start sand-days! I don't think its healthy at all to be out in that weather!

    And I miss snowdays... I used to get soo excited when the radio let us know school was off for the day... some of my best winter memories.. :)

    btw... Stacy... when you do get back.. the sand will probably be gone.. but the extreme heat will be here to welcome ya back ;)

  3. Dang Stacy -- I just bought some camping gear at SACO (everything from steins to microwaves) so if your theory is correct, I may be camping in my living room for a while.