Friday, September 30, 2011

Definitely not Riyadh...welcome to Cairo

Nope...not in Riyadh anymore. Veeds of Arabia has now turned into Veeds of D'Nial, located in Cairo, Egypt.

Those of you who have followed me from Phoenix to Riyadh in hopes of learning something about the process of getting a visa and entering the Magic Kingdom are free to drop out. Or, you can follow me over to the new blog at:

I had a fascinating two years in Saudi Arabia and I hope that you were either entertained or informed by the blog.

Or both.

I ended up with visitors from 84 countries including 330 cities outside the US and 214 cities in the US -- figures which I suppose are of monumental non-interest to anyone except my mother and myself, and, frankly, what she mainly cares about is whether I'm getting enough vitamins.

But if you're a reader from one of those countries and you didn't stop by just because you saw the word 'Kardashian' in one of my tags (and who would stoop so low as to pander to readers using such an obviously sleazy tactic!), I'd be delighted to see your smiling IP address on my stats page.

Here's a little taste of what you'll find in the first post about the sights and sounds of un-Pyramided Cairo.

I really need to get out and see some of the famous local attractions.
See ya in the souk.



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