Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Who are you...who who who who?

I like to check my blog stats from time to time just to see where visitors are coming from and whether anyone is actually reading my hopeful drolleries.

Not to worry that I might trace you or stalk you...all that the stats tell me, location-wise, are the country and usually the city, but often neither.

Of course there are blogs that have literally hundreds of countries represented and reams of comments attached to each post. I'm lucky if I get one comment. [insert frownie face of your choice here].

But in the last week I started noticing an awful lot of activity and about 75% of it can be tracked to two cities: Bremen, Germany and Cambridge, Minnesota USA.

As Butch Cassidy says: "Who are these guys?"

As The Who say: "I really wanna know."

And as Homer Simpson says: "Doh."

It's true that I can identify some visitors by their city, if it's Erie PA, for example, I know it's a family member or high school buddy who's on my e-mail list. If it's Covington KY it's got to be my sister.

So you persons from Bremen and Cambridge...I'm very curious who you are. (I'm not complaining of course.)

You couldn't be the same reader unless you are a time traveler. Have you mined some particular nugget of interest and want to see what other shiny objects might have emerged ? Are you planning to visit Saudi Arabia? Are you enthralled with my dollops of Arabicana and need another hit? Do you want to go get some coffee sometime?

Don't be afraid. I'm just wondering what brings you to the Veeds of Arabia blog 5 or 6 times a day.

For anyone who wants to say hi, I can be reached directly via the e-mail address over at the left under "About the photos."



  1. Careful what you wish for there, Mr. Veeds. Lord knows the types you can inadvertently meet on the net, wot?

  2. And sometimes I can tell by certain phrases or terms in the comments section...such as "wot". {insert maniacal-laugh icon here].

  3. It's not me, Veeds, but I do empathize.

    I get few visitors daily (though over the years I have amassed visitors from more than 4,000 cities in 118 countries) and a very small fraction of those leave comments. Moreover, just like you, I've had repeat visitors whom I couldn't identify, and none of those lurkers ever comment.

    I guess that's what lurkers do: they lurk.

  4. Hi TBH -- I don't mind lurkers. I'd just like to know what they are finding interesting or amusing. Some folks, like Susie of Arabia, attract dozens of comments on each posting. I'd like to think I'm at least as comment-worthy, though I don't want to spend the time to moderate or respond to 50 comments each time.

  5. Ok this is a very late reply, and now that you have moved on to another location and blog. But I have the sam issue, in fact its more 20 times an hour from one location, so I guess its some sort of spam attack, some ppl suggest a dictionary attack or something i'm not v technical, althoug we get hits we dont get comments, even spam comments, coz its not actual humans visitng our site its some malware/ type program creating those hits.. hope this helps

  6. Misha--Thanks for the tip Misha. I think I discovered the source of one of the visitors who, I believe, turns out to be someone who simply was referred by my friend Susie of Arabia's website. Since the visits are spaced out over several days, it doesn't seem like an attack, as you describe them.

    In any event, I like to get comments, even if they're somewhat belated.

  7. Well here's a comment :)