Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mobily strikes again!

It's bad enough to get spam in your e-mail, so why is my telecoms provider sending me a steaming load of promotional spams on my mobile phone?

I've complained about Mobily before, specifically lack of any credible customer service. but this is a new low in customer relations: spamming your own customers!

Consider what they either sent or let through:

1. Mobily: message in Arabic announcing a promotion for getting extra minutes.

2. MOWE: promotional message in Arabic directing me to the website of the Ministry of Water and Electricity.

3. Mobily: another message in Arabic. (I get these a lot from Mobily.)

4. BodyMASTERS: message in Arabic -- how did they even get my mobile number?

5. Mobily: "Now win 20 kilos of gold by using Mobily roaming services."

6. Kilana: message in Arabic. One of my Saudi colleagues thinks this is a charity promotion but I think it's a message from the humanoid Vorta commander from Star Trek.

7. message in Arabic directing me to an Arabic website seemingly sponsored by the King Khalid Foundation.

8. 3351: "Message cannot be displayed." (I get these all the time.)

9. GDP: message in Arabic about protecting my passport

Is there no refuge from telemarketers and spammers?

You could say, "Mr. Man in the Sand, what do you care if you occasionally get an irrelevant message on your mobile phone? It doesn't cost you anything to receive an SMS. Why not just delete and move on?"

But see, I get a private, if small, jolt of delight when someone texts me because I think I'm getting a personal message from a friend with some SMS drollery or other important breaking news. Instead, I eagerly open the message only to find "Message cannot be displayed" or "Win 20 kilos of gold." (I believe I'll leave the gold and silver speculation to the notorious "G" -- a loud, oafish man who believes that the local souq merchants are fools who don't know the value of their goods.)

It's a bit like going to the mail box and finding a package only to discover that someone has sent you some dead batteries or a wad of cat fur.

SMS to Mobily...
Veeds of Arabia: cut it out please.


  1. Same thing over on STC's side. Bunch of greedy idiots.

  2. Now now, Faisal, let's be nice. Well...nicer anyway. :>)

  3. I have been getting football scores of every match that happens on the planet. I have asked SEVERAL times to unsubscribe.. but I get 10-20 msgs daily regardless.. from STC>

  4. Yikes! I'm getting one or two every other day or so. But my tolerance for SMS spam is zero. I wonder if anyone from Mobily or STC is listening?

  5. THANK YOU! my german phone does not show arabic letters, i got REALLY worried about that Kilana sms, thought a bill for ... car insurance?
    your list saved me - will now delete those GDP too. G.... they believe those spam marketing will work ... nuts ... great blog, will visit more often now. keep up the good work !

  6. That's why we get paid the big bucks Mark.

  7. hey Veeds,

    For signals problem, I think your SIM card is not 3G isn't it ?
    I have mobily and I think they are better than STC who hold for 15 mintues to get your call, and not like STC who are billing double your usage. Also they are are offering better promotion than STC.

  8. Falcon:
    I have no problem with signals, per se. My issue is with the incessant and annoying spam SMS messages they send as well as the useless 1100 "customer service" number they have (See previous post on that.)

  9. I feel u 100% how many times I've ran down 3 flights of stairs to get my cell to find its STC and I've wanted to throw my fone at the wall. Whats worse is I'm sure they sell our numbers on because how many other companies spam me also through my fone, how else would they get my number.......hmmm but as usual we have to accept it :(

  10. So, I'll count that as another vote for STC in the great STC vs Mobily "Who is worse?" smackdown.

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