Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Breaking News: Riyadh Woman Caught Driving

Who says you don't get hot news scoops from The Veeds of Arabia blog?

VOA News
Dec. 23, 2009, Riyadh, KSA
— A woman was stopped for driving a car here yesterday, according to a reliable eyewitness who viewed the incident outside the Ministry of the Interior on King Fahd Road.

According to our exclusive source the incident occurred on December 22. The woman, estimated to be approximately 35 and wearing Western-style clothing without an abaya, was apprehended while driving a green car.

The witness, a Saudi veterinarian driving behind, speculated that the woman is most likely a newcomer, possibly working at either the nearby King Faisal Specialized Hospital or a neighboring dental clinic. The Intercontinental Hotel is also nearby. It is believed that the woman was cautioned and let go without further punishment.



  1. Shocking,Jim, that they allowed her to go along on her merry way. The Saudis must be getting "soft". I would have thought chains and shackles were more the order of the day there.
    Hope you enjoyed Christmas and wishing you a Happy,Healthy 2010.

  2. Where else on earth would a woman driving a car actually be considered shocking NEWS???

  3. I do sort of wonder if the driving expedition was a form of protest or simple naivete.

  4. great blog. had no idea you were over there.

  5. Thanks Anne...perhaps you could identify yourself privately so I know which of my Anne friends you are :>)