Sunday, October 25, 2009

How about just saying "Hi"?

Allow me to step aside for a moment from the usual hard-hitting, ripped-from-the-headlines sort of concise and insightful reports you've come to expect from Veeds of Arabia -- oh, wait, that was a completely different place -- and extend an invitation to the variety of anonymous readers who regularly visit this site.

I know a teensy bit about you from the site-meter. For example, I know you're from Finland and The Netherlands and the U.S. and Canada and France and Germany and Saudi Arabia and Australia and a host of other far flung nations. But that's about it.

I'd love to at least know who you are. Why not say "hi"?

If you'd just as soon not broadcast yourself to the teeming millions, feel free to jot a note to me privately at:

Your secret identity is safe with me.


Veeds of Arabia
Your man in the sand


  1. @23Kazoos here from your hometown of Phoenix. Well Mesa really but you know what I mean. You can read about me on my site,

  2. Thanks for the note Wendy. Your site is fascinating. How did you hear about my blog?

  3. Hi Jim - Well, I grew up and lived in southern Arizona for many years, and now I live in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, by way of south Florida. Married to a Saudi who taught ESL at the college level for many years. I'm an artist and writer who has held such a variety of jobs that I screwed myself out of any kind of retirement!

  4. I just want to learn how to say hi in saudi arabian, how to pronounce it, do any of you know how?

  5. Hi Anon:
    I'm not sure Arabic has the equivalent of just "hi" but the phrase I hear day in and day out in every kind of greeting situation is
    as-salaamu xalaikum which is typically slurred a bit and sounds like [uh-saLAAM-uhLAYkum] or simply [suhLAHM uhLAYkum].

  6. Hi Friend. Thank you for your blog. I find your posts a great resource as I am contemplating on moving to KSA for work as I already have a job offer. I would like to correspond with you if you won't mind. Below is my email address. Thank you.