Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All docs now ready

July 8, 2009

I just got my medical report back -- three originals, two copies of each -- so I believe I now have all the documentation I need, ready to compile for the Saudi Arabia Cultural Ministry in Washington, D.C. I had gotten my police report in the mail from the city a few days ago.

However, it now turns out that one of the university transcripts I had them (the University) send to the SACM was returned, with a note indicating that I was not a student at the moment. So I had to call the SACM and explain that I was a teacher, not a student, and the transcripts were sent to document my degree. I then called the University, explained the matter, and they'll be mailing them out again.

I've got the actual visa application filled out, with only a few minor questions. I know I'd better get this stuff off to SACM pretty soon, but I can't seem to get their stated contact person to contact me.

I'm now starting to get concerned about renting my house so I'm going to start placing ads today.

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